Jordan's Nomadic Dom

Urbanized and Abandoned

This is Amman, one of the city’s many rambling and decrepit areas where poor Jordanians share space with millions of other indigent residents. There are the Palestinians who fled Israel, the Iraqis and Syrians who poured in from wars next door, the Africans drawn by Jordan’s open door to refugees.

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Lebanon's Own Refugee Crisis

Costs Crush World’s #1 Host

This is Beirut, with its ever-alluring coastline and deep-water ports. Once the Middle East mecca for travelers and traders, the Mediterranean city now leads Lebanon’s campaign to shake off a more recent reputation as war-beaten and high-risk. 

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Nature’s War on Mozambique

Rage and Repeat

This is Kongolote Refugee Camp, a few miles from Mozambique’s capital of Maputo, and a few months after a cyclone struck with its savage rains. Nature’s wrath is familiar to this African country; it wreaks havoc here every couple of years.

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American Hate 

It's Epidemic and Corrosive

This is Salt Lake City, a socially conservative town where public expressions of hate are usually on mute. So, when a sandwich-boarded zealot angered a young woman crossing the street, she quickly returned toting her response.

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