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Kaslow’s work provides vivid material for Life After War, a series of traveling photojournalism exhibitions. Large-format images paired with contextual storyboards engage communities in conversation about the fallout from conflict. The focus is on the most critical challenges that post-conflict populations confront as they try to rebuild their lives: deeply scarring trauma, gang control, sexual violence, human trafficking.

Life After War: Trapped focuses on the supply side of human trafficking, featuring twelve turbulent countries where the trade in human beings is integral to the local economy. Twelve portraits of resilience tell the stories of local communities developing their own coping mechanisms, some as organized responses, in this industry of abuse. Among the hosts: The Center for Conflict Resolution, the George Bush School at Texas A&M, the US Library of Congress, the Palmer Gallery at Vassar College. IATI’s Black Box Theater in New York’s East Village, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.

This fall Kaslow will mount her newest exhibition, Life After War: Distressed, at Vassar College, as part of a major Mellon Foundation Consortium on Forced Migration and Mental Health.



Interview with Choice of the Future Global Foundation